Rules for Judging Others

  1. Everyone judges everyone, all the time. It’s okay. Relax.
  2. You are free to judge anyone you want, including me, for any reason whatsoever.
  3. You should use your judgements to make yourself a better person. Not to make yourself feel like a better person. There is a huge difference.
  4. Good: share your opinions only with your BFF or your mom.
  5. Better: share only with your very disinterested spouse, who likely is not listening anyway.
  6. Best: STFU.


I’ll Never Diet Again, Part 3: Avocados and Ice Cream are Both My Friends

So, weight. Loss. Gain. Concern. Panic. I’ve had all of it, and I’m talking about it on UrbanMommies. I’m also telling how I plan to get out of this stupid cycle for good, with the help of Haley Goodrich of Inspird Nutrition. She’s a genius dietician and she’s provided me with complimentary coaching sessions as a means to help me spread the word that dieting is, thankfully, not the way to go. Plus (also thankfully) that life does not have to be all about donuts.

Click here to read Part 3 of this series of articles, in which a nurse scoffs at my apparent stupidity when I’m forced to guess my weight. Yes, I did shrivel up and die a bit inside but I’m happy to report that I am a brave soldier who marches on. Is that weird? It is. Leaving it anyway.

If you’ve missed Part 1 and 2 of the series, you can read them here and here. If even one person gets as much from it as I have, I’ll be happy. I’m already happy, though, so I guess, happier.


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